“ROMA TRE” University

Section of Computer Science and Automation

of Engineering department

Section of Computer Science and Automation reflects the heritage of the pre-existent Department of Computer Science and Automation (DIA) that is merged, with the other area of engineering, in the new Engineering Department, active from January 1, 2013.

The Dia had been founded in 1996, with a plan to combine and maximize the skills of IT, automation and operations research present at the University.

Curently Section of Computer Science and Automation has 23 faculty, 6 staff members, about 25 Ph.D students and postdocs as well as several collaborators.

Here the wide areas of Computer Science and Industrial Automation meet to produce new ideas and new applications in order to provide future engineers what they need in their tomorrow carrier. Section of  Computer Science and Automation is mainly active in the fields of Databases, Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Automated Design, Process Automation, Robotics and Critical Infrastructures. In these areas its research has achieved remarkable results as it concerns scientific production, international cooperation and industrial activities. The results of this work are costantly transferred to the classes to provide our students an updated information.

Coordinator: Alessandro Micarelli


Via della Vasca Navale, 79

00146 Rome, Italy

Phone +39 06 57333375

Fax +39 06 5733 3211