Friday, June 26th – Is It Really Worth to Peer At IXPs? A Comparative Study

=== When === 
    Friday, June 26th at 2:30 PM 
=== Where === 
    Department of Engineering 
    Section of Computer Science and Automation 
    Via della Vasca Navale, 79 
    Meeting room (1.10) on 1st floor 
=== Title === 
    Is It Really Worth to Peer At IXPs? A Comparative Study 
=== Speaker === 
    Roberto di Lallo 
    PhD Student in Computer Science and Automation 
    Roma Tre University 
=== Abstract === 
Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) play a crucial role in the Internet ecosystem. However, existing literature fails in quantitatively assessing the advantage for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to peer at an IXP. We give a contribution to bridge such a gap by collaborating with three medium-sized ISPs in Italy to compare key performance indicators (round-trip delay, hop count, packet loss, and jitter) as measured from several vantage points in presence and absence of IXP peerings. Our findings are that IXP-based paths exhibit better and more stable performance, whereas avoiding IXPs introduces performance deterioration and higher variability. Moreover, our measurements confirm that IXP-based paths tend to preserve the locality of traffic. 
Joint work with M. Di Bartolomeo, G. Di Battista, and C. Squarcella. 
The paper will be presented at the forthcoming IEEE ISCC 2015 (