ming2 means 'bright'


ming2 has two components , the first ri being the sun and the second yue meaning the moon. Under sunshine in the day and moonlight at night there exists brightness. Other meanings of ming are 'correct', 'light', 'know' and 'honest'.

ming2bai2 means 'clear' or 'understand' and literally translates as 'bright'-'white'.

bai is one of the characters that have puzzled etymologists as to its origins. One theory is that it is a hieroglyph of the thumb.

ming2zhi means 'wise' and literally translates as 'bright'-'intelligent'.

zhi has three components with meanings 'arrow', 'mouth' and 'speak' respectively. When your mouth talks as quick and accurate as an arrow flies, you are knowledgeable but when you are articulate in expressing your ideas you are intelligent.