Alessandro Micarelli

Alessandro Micarelli is a Full Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Roma Tre University, where he is the Deputy Director of the Department of Computer Science and Automation (DIA). He is also in charge of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at DIA.

His long term research goal is focused on how AI systems can cooperate most effectively with humans, through harnessing their adaptive power to provide human-system interaction that best responds to users’ needs, interests, cognitive styles and background, as well as to the real-world context in which they are operating. Actual projects range from Adaptive Web-Based Systems, User Modeling and Personalized Search to Recommender Systems and Artficial Intelligence in Education.

He has published more than 150 papers on the above topics.He has helped organize various international conferences and has peer reviewed papers for leading international journals. He has participated in various international research projects, and was the National Coordinator of a PRIN research project on e-learning funded by the Italian Ministery of Education, University and Scientific Research (MIUR). At present he is a scientific consultant at MIUR and member of a Board for the evaluation of Industrial Research proposals.He is a founding member of the Italian Association of Artificial Intelligence.


Office Address:

Department of Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Roma Tre University
Via della Vasca Navale 79, I – 00146 Rome, Italy

Voice:+39 06 5733 3205
Fax:+39 06 5733 3612
Room: DIA 205
Office Hours (students): Thursday 17:30-19:00